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Welcome to Robinson School Guidance and Counseling!
Amy Johnston, Guidance Counselor

Welcome to Robinson Elementary School Guidance! Our main mission at Robinson School is to educate all aspects of children, social, academic and emotional. We believe that teaching kids social and emotional regulation skills will help kids throughout their lives. It is our belief that children need to learn how to work with other people, how to calm themselves down when upset and how to use skills for focusing and paying attention. I spend time each week in kindergarten and every month in 1st-6th grades. Research based curricula is used in preparing these lessons. Zones of Regulation is used to help children identify their feelings, place them in one of four zones based on energy levels and teach them strategies for how to get back to green or a regulated, calm, ready to learn state. Mindup: Home is a curriculum that helps students understand their brains and ways of calming….Kelso’s choicesKelso Resources for Parents

is used for helping kids learn the difference between small and large problems. It teaches them specific strategies for   how to solve conflicts independently.

Second Step Second Step Program | Second Step

Are all curricula that are used in elementary schools in our district.

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How to sign up to be a mentor Mobius Mentor and directions for  application process

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